The missing "New File" option

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Welcome to Filer




Filer is now only available on the Mac App Store and feature updates will only available on the Mac App Store. But you can still download former version here.

Filer is a Finder extension for your Mac which enables you to easily create files in supported formats anywhere on the system. Hope you like it.

The main reason for developing this extension is that my girlfriend complained a while ago why the MacBook Air doesn’t have a Windows-like right-click function to create a new document anywhere. So the idea of simply developing an extension for her was born.

System Requirements

Filer only supports macOS with system version equal to or higher than 11.0.


The easiest way to install the extension is to download Filer on the Mac App Store.

When you open Filer, there is no app icon on the dock and a small icon will appear on the menu bar in the upper right corner where you can view extension help or exit the extension.


If you can’t find New file selection after opening Filer, you may need to enable this feature manually. Just go to System preferences, and open Extensions, on Added Extensions, select Filer.

Before Using Filer

Due to the stricter review by Apple, the use of the current version of Filer is somewhat different from the previous version. Before you use Filer, please read this tutorial document to maximize the comfort of using the software.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Filer or wants more file formats support? There are several methods you can do.


If you feel Filer is helpful, please leave five stars on the Mac App Store and share Filer with your friends.